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  • Is our travel going to be far?

  • Not really, our furthest game is 58 minutes (according to google). And with 4 home and 4 away games our travel will be much less than some leagues.

  • What will be the difference playing in ESFL league?

  • We feel the move to play in the ESFL is beneficial to PHYF in many ways.

  • We will be playing in a league with 8 established communities, so we'll have many different teams to play against.

  • With ESFL the communities are set up as a franchise which means when you register your child to play, your fee stays within you own community, and not given to the league itself. We can use those fees to give back to our players and not have to subsidize other communities. We can also purchase whatever uniforms and equipment we choose without needing league permission. And we think you'll be happy with what you'll be wearing this season.

  • The players we will play in ESFL go to the MAC high schools that our high schools play against. Since our ultimate goal is to support our high schools it makes since to start playing them earlier. 

  • Is PH only taking 1 team per division?

  • No, our plan is to take 8 teams, 2 teams per division. With Flag football, Freshman tackle football, JV tackle football, & varsity tackle football.   

  • Practice will begin September 7th, and our first game will be October 3rd.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We registered online now what?

  • When does the season start?

  • We will provide the helmet, shoulder pads, jersey, pants/pads, and game socks. You will need to supply cleats, mouth guard, & any under shirt for cold games. As safety is a top priority with Port Huron Youth Football (PHYF) and Eastern Suburban Football League (ESFL), a sports physical, and a sports protective cup are also required.

  • What will I need to purchase/get for my son to play football?

  • All football players and cheer leaders must attend our sizing day on either Sunday, June 21st or Saturday, June 27th from 11am-3pm to be sized for equipment and uniforms.

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